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 Trans-up 2 Guide

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PostSubject: Trans-up 2 Guide   Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:32 am

TRANS-UP 2 Quest Guide

1.) Go to Ardeca to get the Quest from Mystra

2.) Go to Space and Kill Spirits till you get a Drop

3.) Bring the Drop to the Incarnation of Helion (in Space)

4.) Activate Drop (Right click)

5.) Talk to NPC Helion and Enter Space Solo Dungeon/Quest Map.

6.) In New Map (Small Area) Kill 50/100 Monsters

7.) After Talk to Helion NPC

8.) After Talk to Ardeca NPC (Beside Msytra)

9.) After Talk to Other Ardeca NPC (Beside Mystra)

10.) Go to Quarries for Expedition S (Make sure you create an Expedition Party not normal party)

11.) Find a Drop (from Monster)

12.) Go back to Other Ardeca NPC

13.) Enter Blue Portal NPC

14.) In Solo Dungeon Kill Mobs till end of Dungeon (This is an easy Dungeon)

15.) Kill Self Trans-up Boss-Monster

16.) Leave Dungeon and Talk to Other Ardeca NPC

17.) Accept Transformation Skill and Transup Skill

18.) Finish Quest
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Trans-up 2 Guide
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