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 Rings / Bracelet / 170 Skills

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PostSubject: Rings / Bracelet / 170 Skills   Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:05 am

Rings: ( Dragonic Squama)

Bracelet: (Classes)

Azure Knight

Segita Hunter

Incar Magician


Vicious Summoner

Bagi Warrior


70x Dravice Artifact
1x Cure-All Jade Bracelet (50x Illusion Fragment and Exchange it in Phantom Land to Groot)

Skills: (170 / Trans-up 2)

10x Dravice Artifact
1x Sap Nugget (Drop in Draviss Boss "Traitor Erupt")

Draviss Town

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Rings / Bracelet / 170 Skills
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