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 Siege Rules

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PostSubject: Siege Rules   Mon Apr 16, 2012 2:45 am

Effective immediately, this rules are to be enforced regarding Siege. These rules DO NOT represent the entirety of rules for siege, but it's in ADDITION to them. They may and WILL be revised according to need.

-Guilds/players attacking each other at the south entrance/spawn stop will be returned to braiken. If it contunues, a ban on the player account/s may be implemented.
-Members of the defending guild attacking players on south entrance/spawn point will be first taken out siege/returned. If it continues, a ban on the player account/s may be implemented
-The Guild Leader AND/OR members of a NO-SHOW guild WILL BE BANNED TEMPORARILY/PERMANENTLY by GM team (if temp. then for a period to be determined at the time of transgression.)
-Guilds/members that purposely interfere with other guilds on the normal battle mechanics will be taken out of Siege, and a ban on the player account/s may be implemented.
-Guilds/members that purposely interfere with Siege sign-up process (blocking as one example) will be punished. The punishment to be determined by the GM team.

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Siege Rules
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