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 GM Rules READ!

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PostSubject: GM Rules READ!   Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:25 pm

Meta-dekaron Players!

Our GM Team is here to help.
But they are restricted in some ways.
For example they can:
Chat with you.
Stick around to watch you train.
Search for hackers/spammers/cheaters.
PvP Players.

But they CAN'T do things like:
Player killing (this includes healing, buffing, debuffing and attacking) [This rule may also be voided during Events, mainly GM PK Events, or the Discretion of an Administrator]
Leveling (Powerleveling of any accounts is 100% against our rules and will lead to instant dismissal if sufficient proof is given, and trust me, we can get proof ).
Buying/Selling/Upgrading items for other players. Or their characters.
Grinding on any Public maps (where players can go at the same time, or assisting players in a dungeon by dealing damage to mobs).
Giving players and noob accounts anything isn't allowed and is punishable.

Help us if you can, if you a see a GM doing something inappropriate, please send a PM to the specific game's Administrator telling him what you saw, a screenshot is also required.

GM's that do not follow the rules of both the game, forum AND their Specific GM rules are able to be punished, if they do not follow the rules that have been set out in both the links below, please PM and explain to [ADMIN]XuNN what they did wrong, you can also contact everyone listed here via Skype/Email, if needed.

Basic Staff List:
Meta-Dekaron Staff
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GM Rules READ!
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