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PostSubject: INGAME Rules READ!   Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:08 am


Hacking or ingame bugs:
You are not allowed to use software or game bugs to get ahead in Meta Dekaron. If you find a bug or loophole, that could be used to cheat please PM any game master, moderator, or admin, with this information.
If you hack all of your accounts will receive a permanent banned.
Also benefiting from a hacker, such as partying with them can result in a permanent ban for you as well.

It's extremely hard to prove than an account or the items has been scammed. Therefore we leave you responsible for your account and items. If you were scammed our staff team can not return the items or the account.

If your account was scammed, keylogged, or hacked the only action we can take is for you to recover your password using the recover password system in the Home Page. Your email is your responsibility therefore you should always keep up-to-date with the email you registered your account with.

It is also advised, that you use one email per person, as you are responsible for any other player using your email account. We ban by email and IP links, should you be linked, then you are responsible for all actions of accounts linked on that email.

Advertising other servers, hacking sites, scamming sites, and keylogger sites is against the rules, and will result in a permanent ban.

There is no need to spam anytime. This is extremely emphasized when selling items and during events. A GM will verbally warn you if you are caught spamming. If you keep going you will receive a temporary ban for a week.

Racism, vulgar and derogatory language is not tolerated at all. We realize that "trash" talking is apart of the game, but there is a limit.

Hacker Accusations:
Do not accuse someone of hacking without proof. If proof is provided that you made accusations a verbal warning, temporary or permanent ban will be issued at discretion of admin. (If you have proof of them hacking this is a different case)

If you were banned:
You have the right to submit an appeal if you were banned, and proof will be provided. But you only have one week to submit an appeal since you were banned. Any appeals submitted a week after being banned will be ignored. This also applies to any other video requests also. (Thunder staff only has so much computer storage capacity for proof)
You do not have the right to submit an appeal if you are caught hacking during an Event, or if multiple GM's were eyewitness to the hack
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